Truck And Car Accident FAQ

At The Bryant Law Firm, we like to provide our clients and potential clients with the information they need to make sound legal decisions after a truck or car accident. We know this is a difficult time for you, and we are here to help. Following are some common questions we hear from our clients in Houston and throughout Southeast Texas.

Is it safe to assume that the insurance company is looking out for my best interests?

No. The insurance company's main concern is to make a profit, not necessarily to cover the full extent of your injuries. You can expect the insurance company to do what it can to minimize or even deny compensation to you.

Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company?

No. The insurance adjuster's questions are designed to elicit answers that minimize the amount of compensation you receive. Even answering a seemingly simple question — for example, "How are you today?" — could be used against you if you say the wrong thing. Instead, we can handle all communications with the insurance company while you focus on getting better.

Should I accept the insurance company's initial offer?

No — not until you've talked with us first. Insurance companies routinely offer inadequate, "low-ball" settlements to car accident victims. We can assess the full extent of your injuries, as well as your medical expenses and how your injury may affect your income and future earning capacity. These factors must be considered to secure the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled, and the insurance company is not likely to weigh all the facts when making an initial settlement offer.

Why do I need a lawyer after an auto accident?

Insurance companies have skilled lawyers working for them. You need a tough, experienced and dedicated lawyer on your side to ensure that you get the full and fair compensation you deserve. In far too many cases, people try to handle their accident claims without the help of an attorney, and the result is reduced or denied coverage.

At The Bryant Law Firm, we prepare personal injury claims for trial. That way, we position you to receive the maximum available compensation, even if your case ultimately settles outside of court.

How can I afford an attorney?

When you choose The Bryant Law Firm, you get skilled and dedicated representation on a contingency-fee basis, meaning we do not get paid unless we are successful with your case. With us, you pay no out-of-pocket expenses, and you are not required to come to our office for us to take your case. In fact, if your injury prevents you from coming to our offices in Houston or Conroe, we will come to you. We make a point not to inconvenience our clients in any way. Our goal is to get you the compensation you need to put your life back on track.

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